You want to help ? 

For everyone in Qu├ębec, we now need to tell the Quebec Government that if the CMM, the area directly impacted by Line 9B, thinks that hydrostatic tests are in order, then they should at least listen to them and follow suit. 

If you're in a municipality or township along the pipeline 9B or potentially impacted because of you water intake, please take the time to contact your city councillors and mayors to ask them if they know about the risks and if they would consider adopting a resolution. This is what we did in Quebec starting with Rigaud, then Pointe-Fortune, and many others (over 20 right now) followed by 5 MRCs (county-like structure) with finally the Montreal Metro Area (CMM) chiming in on April 30th. Now Ontario is onboard with the Township Of Leeds And The Thousand Islands.

Municipalities are the closest level of government directly responsable for our safety and health. We should support them and lean on them to protect us. Please consider asking your municipality to take action. 

You can also tweet Toronto Mayor John Tory and ask him to request hydrostatic tests like the Ontario Ministry of Energy and the Ontario Pipeline Landowners Association (OPLA) did during the NEB hearings on Line 9B. Tell him to take the lead for Line 9B safety in Ontario just like Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre just did in Quebec.